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Born up north but south Atlanta raised me. I grew up never wanting kids. A husband? Yea right. My goals were to become the biggest, single, childless, fashionable BOSS who lived in a high rise overlooking the city! That all took a turn when my husband walked into my world summer of 2005, and for the first time in my life, I wanted to be someone’s wife. (Still was on the fence about the whole kid thing though) But here we are! 13 years later and I’m a wife and mother of two beautiful children, and honestly, I couldn’t imagine my life to be any other way. 


Up until a couple of years ago I thought my life was perfect, but then I noticed there was one thing missing. I wasn’t the “boss” I grew up wanting to be. I’d allowed myself to become so wrapped up in being a mom and wife that the dreams I had for myself began to disappear. This birthed the idea of Her Kloset. I’ve always been able to make inexpensive clothes look really good so I wanted to create a store where women could shop for less and still look bomb!





As time progressed and society started to glorify women who walk around damn near naked, my purpose behind my brand changed. Now Her Kloset is a clothing store that caters to women who want to go straight from work to happy hour, or to take care of their children and still look good while doing so. The idea of “HER” came about as I realized I still am not the woman I want to be, and I know I am not alone. Everyday is a constant struggle to become the best version of myself and to break cycles that have shaped me to be who I am today. So I created HER to celebrate women who are determined to win-in life and in business. This woman understands that her style reflects her world and tells a story. This woman is bold, classic, exclusive, ambitious, determined and effortlessly chic, and I’m still fighting to become HER everyday. Thanks for joining me on this journey! I’ve created this site to allow you to see the good, the bad, the dirty, and to put you on to how to look and feel good while dealing with it all.




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