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Work smarter, not harder.

Outsource, Delegate, and Automate,

This is also equivalent to the quote we hear so often: “work smarter, not harder.”

I know you feel like you can do it ALL on your own and I don’t doubt that you can, but from experience I know that you can get more done with a little help!

These three things not only help with being productive in business, but in your personal life as well!

In your home you can outsource projects and tasks such as house cleaning, lawn maintenance, home projects, meals (get those groceries delivered and stay out of that COVID air), bookkeeping, etc.

When it comes to delegating you can delegate different tasks to your family members! If you have kids that are a little older you can teach them a few things to help out around the house. A little dish washing never hurt nobody!

I use to struggle with wanting to do everything myself because we all know if you want something done right, you have to do it yourself, but I’ve now adjusted to “done is better than perfect, and it was one of the best adjustments I’ve made.

With all of the modern technology like computers, smart phones, smart TVs, etc. it’s easier than ever to automate things at home. There’s literally an app for everything so I challenge you to write down your pain points & come up with a solution to make it easier.

Now say it with me: “Outsource, delegate, automate.”

Thank me later! 😉


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