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If It's not planned, it's not a priority.

Priorities can become a little tricky because sometimes they're disguised as what I like to call "false emergencies," so I'm giving you my guide to figuring out if something is truly a priority below!

Scenario: You're working on a big project that you've dedicated a certain amount of time to work on. A friend calls needing you needing you to help them "right quick," and they promise it won't take long.

My thought process goes here before deciding if I'm able to help:

1. I ask myself was this planned? If it was planned, it's a priority. If it wasn' know where I'm going with this.

2. I ask myself do I own this problem? 9 times out of 10, the answer is no. You have a path that you are on too & you can't let everyone else's problems distract you.

3. Lastly, I ask myself does this feel right? This part gets a little tricky, because we're always wanting to help help help, but if we're constantly pulling ourselves away from our priorities, who's going to help us? I advise you listen to your intuition on this one. If something is saying no, this doesn't feel right, ask yourself why.  If you come up with a reason good enough to justify that no, then it's not right, and it's not your priority.

People always ask how I get sooooo much done daily and one of the main reasons is I don't let someone else's false emergency become my priority. PERIOD. (I felt that was necessary LOL)

Wishing you the insight to choose your priorities wisely!


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