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Why does a girl need 3 notebooks?

You know the girl who has a million notebooks laying around? That’s me. I’m that girl. But I have a very good reason. I have three special notebooks that I always have with me. There’s really 4, but for this post we’re going to focus on the 3 most important ones. Without these notebooks, my life would be a mess. No exaggeration. As a matter of fact, while moving back to Atlanta last year, I lost one, and I lost my mind. Maybe you’re thinking, “a notebook shouldn’t be that serious, but hopefully after reading the reason behind each notebook, you’ll understand.

So let’s get into notebook number 1…….

My first notebook is a pink leather notebook I picked up randomly at TJ Maxx. I use it to journal. Over the past 3 years I’ve evolved into the woman I always wanted to be, and this started with journaling. After waking up on my 30th birthday not satisfied with who I was, I picked up a pen, and wrote down every detail of the woman I wanted to become. What does she like? How does she dress? What does she do for fun? What are her fears? What are her friends like? What makes her upset? What does she automatically say no to? What is her love life like?

Each day I wrote about HER, and each day I grew into her. This notebook is my life line. Whenever I don’t feel like myself, I take a pen to the paper. My hopes are that one day, my daughter will use these notebooks as mini lessons; a guide to get her through life’s many curve balls, but we shall see….

My second notebook is my prayer journal. This one is where I pray the most fervent prayers. It’s where I dive deeper into bible lessons, and it’s where I ask God many questions. Last year, I began writing my prayers and recording the dates that my prayers were answered. I found that this is a good way to reflect and remember that even in midst of storms, God is still showing up for me.

My last notebook is my EVERYTHING notebook. I call it this because it is where and how everything gets done in my life. I plan my weeks in this notebook (if you read my last post, you know I do not use a planner). Any new ideas I think of, I write them here, and if I decided to execute them, I do it here. If I’m reading a good book or listening to a good video, all of the notes are in this notebook. THIS notebook is the ONE. If I’m ever feeling stuck, I flip through this notebook and I’m instantly inspired. This notebook holds all of the gems that I come across on a daily basis, and hopefully God doesn’t feel a way, but its probably my favorite notebook. This is the one I lost last year and had a complete meltdown over it. I guess I should insert here that I recently found it while unpacking some boxes. God is so GOOD (prayer answered...wrote that down).

So now you may understand the madness behind me constantly having 3-4 notebooks around me. I only bring the first two outside if I’m traveling, but the third one goes everywhere with me. Being able to reference these notebooks in times when I’m not feeling my best self is the best benefit of all three notebooks. Life comes at you fast, and sometimes you find yourself stuck and unable to pull yourself out of whatever it is. These notebooks pull me out. Whether I’m flushing out my thoughts and feelings or reading through old entries, I can always count on these notebooks to help me through whatever situation.

Thanks for reading!

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hi hone, its Yaddy! I completely understand! Although I am a planner type of chick lol, ( have had one since 9 yrs old, lol). I agree that you last planner is a great way to get inspired. i have a sheet from a notebook that i used once when I didn't have my notebook, I wrote what I wanted my brand to represent, who inspired me, etc. And every so often I look back at it. Great post!

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