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How I Started HK From My Cubicle

In 2013 a friend of mine came to me asking to help her out on a boutique she’d started. I had just had my son & was at home with two kids practically being a stay at home mom, so I was delighted to help. Now, in 2013 boutiques weren’t nearly as saturated as they are now, so the process was pretty easy for us. We ordered clothes, took a quick picture, added to the website (which was a very basic site we created), paid an Instagram page with a lot of followers to post us, and BOOM! Success. Just that easy. We knew nothing about business. Our paperwork was not in order, but we didn’t care because we were bringing in thousands

on a daily basis. Life was good. So I thought…..

The money was coming, but we barely saw any of it because we were selling inventory we did not have (major no no). We would allow people to keep buying and on the back end try to get the inventory here quick enough, or if the vendor was out of stock, we’d try to have it made. Causing extremely long shipping delays, emails full of angry customers, and a major headache. I was OVER it.

I decided to go back into corporate America but was still working with the boutique. As time went on, my partner and I views were just totally different and we kept bumping heads on a lot of things. So, after helping to build up this “poppin” boutique, I decided to leave.

I remember the day like it was yesterday. I was sitting at my desk at work when it happened. I walked away with nothing, and I was devastated. So much hard work gone to waste and nothing to show for it. It was this day, sitting at my desk in disbelief, that I pulled out my notepad & wrote HER Kloset on it, and never looked back.

HER Kloset was completely built from my desk. I did all of my incorporation paperwork and research right there. I knew I wanted to do things the right way and I knew I wanted to cater to a specific woman. I figured I had it all figured out. I’d done it before right? Wrong!! HK did not pop off like I thought it would. And like most people do when things don’t go as planned, I put it on the back burner. Something always brought me back to it though. That’s how you know there’s a calling over your life. Even when you try to quit, and walk away, God says “NOPE, not happening.” And so, as the years went on, I became more & more devoted to HK. I made a million mistakes. I’ve wasted thousands on inventory. I’ve spent thousands on photo shoots to not sell ONE item. Not one! But I kept going. And now looking back on everything I experienced, I’m happy to be here sharing my secrets on how to do things the RIGHT way so you won’t have to make all of the mistakes I made.

I hope this website serves as your guide. And if you need a little extra help, please feel free to schedule a strategy call with me!


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