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Simple strategy to constantly improve your life

I’ve been in some deep strategy sessions with myself over the past couple of weeks because I’m realizing that every time I’ve taken great leaps in my life, I’ve had a clear idea and strategy on what I’ve needed to improve.

There’s areas I know I’m not the greatest in. And there are areas that I know I’m always smashing it out of the park in, but to consistently be improving, I know that I have to keep a score in all of the key areas of my life.

The easiest way to do a quick inventory on what you need to improve on is to ask the closest people around you. You can ask your spouse, “How am I doing in this relationship?” You can ask you children and your friends the same questions, and then most importantly, ask yourself, “How am I doing in ‘whatever area is important to you.” This is always where I start. Asking questions, and being really honest with myself.

Let me give you a quick example:

My core areas that are most important to me are my relationship with God, my family, my friendships, my personal development and scheduling time to do things that I personally enjoy. I ask myself “how am I doing” in each category and then I decide what I need to be working on from the results. I can let you know right now that I’m doing my damn thang in the personal development area of my life but my slacking in the friendship area, so I know that I need to intentionally schedule some time to check-in with friends and maybe even schedule a girls night out. See how that works?

You see, goals have to be driven by performance reviews.

You can ask yourself “where have I been” and “where do I want to be,” and the goals will live right in the middle of those questions. I’ve come to realize that people typically don’t know where to improve because they aren't even aware of where they are.

Once I know my scores, I let them direct what I listen to, what I read, what I see and what I learn. I make sure that all of the content I consume is in areas I want to improve. When someone asks me what book they should read or what podcast they should listen to, my response is usually “what are you trying to improve?” Because I believe that the more specific you are about what you need to work on, the better chance you have of really setting the proper goals to improve that area.

Do yourself a favor and do a quick review of your core value areas. What is it can work on & how will you intentionally do it?

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Hope to hear from you soon!


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